About Christine Kong

by dailykongfidence

“Self confidence is the best outfit. Own it.”

My name is Christine Kong and I started Daily Kongfidence in September 2015 on Instagram as a way to showcase my style based on inspirations gathered from daily life. I chose this name as a reminder to be confident in your choices and in who you are no matter what you wear. As a mother of three, I want to teach by example to create your own definition of beauty and to have courage to confidently express yourself.


Born and raised in Southern California, my style is pretty representative of the relaxed, west coast vibe. I have a strong appreciation for aesthetics and minimalism and use statement pieces to enhance my basic style. I predominantly invest in quality pieces for bags and shoes since I will wear these forever, but seek affordable items to add more edge, trend, and impact in creating my looks. I would like to think that I don’t lean towards any particular brands because I love finding clothes in unexpected stores, but my typical go-to stores are Zara, TopShop, Revolve, Nordstrom, and Shopbop. Through this blogging journey, I’ve surprised myself by realizing I am not compartmentalized into one category of style. I like to wear what works for me and I make it work. I have been blown away by the connections I’ve made with so many brands and am excited to inspire you with my love of fashion and lifestyle.