by dailykongfidence

As you know, I am obsessed with sunglasses because they make me look way cooler than I really am (oh and the UV protection of course). But who wants to fork over $400 for designer sunglasses every time a new style comes out, or when the season changes, or when you decide you’re over them? DITTO is the answer for those of us who want designer sunglasses but don’t want to pay for them. For a mere $24/ month you can get as many sunglasses as you want. Here’s how it works: select a designer pair of sunnies (virtual try-on features available), keep them for as long as you want, swap them for a new pair when you’re ready, and keep on rotating (free shipping both ways). If you decide you love the glasses you tried, you can even buy them at 15% off. Seriously, so cool. Save money and look fabulous.

Sign up for a FREE month using my code DAILYKONGFIDENCE and there’s no obligation to continue. Try a FREE month and see how you like it. Trust me, you’ll be hooked like me.

Here are some of my favorite pairs:

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