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When it comes to makeup, I am a pretty basic gal. But when it comes to skincare, I will try everything and do just about anything to defy aging. In the past I have been resistant to buy into the La Mer craze simply because it’s an expensive habit that I don’t know if I could sustain. As I get older, however, I think it’s about time that I up my skincare game, spend a little more now, so I don’t have to spend a lot later to fix my skin. I wanted to start with the ultimate La Mer product, the Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream, and I have to say that I do feel like my skin looks more hydrated and smoother. I also bought the La Mer Eye Concentrate because that’s where I see most of my fine lines forming. I like that the concentrate is thick enough to feel like it’s making a difference and it absorbs into my skin rather than just sit on top. I’ve only been using these products for a few weeks now, but I can say I see a difference already. My skin tone feels more even, lines softened, and an overall more glowing appearance.

Moisturizer | La Mer
Eye Cream | La Mer
Lipstick | YSL Beauty
Bra | Free People sold out but similar styles here and here

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